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Thread: Strategy Markets SWP Portfolio - Any Reviews Please?

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    Strategy Markets SWP Portfolio - Any Reviews Please?

    I received a phone call from a trading company called Strategy Markets a couple days ago, selling the SWP Portfolio system.

    They told me I could make great returns, with minimal investment etc etc blah blah. I've done some research online and my concerns have dissipated a bit. I've always wanted to get into something like this, for a bit of fun as much as trying to make some extra money.

    I am very tempted. I'm going to be speaking to them again later today, and probably announce my decision. But, first, I thought I'd ask some other people myself....

    Anyone here have any experience with this company/ with the strategy markets SWP portfolio ???


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    Iíve been trading with Strategy Markets for almost a year now and don't really have anything bad to say about the company. customer service and tech support is good, very responsive and hold your hand whilst you're learning.

    If you're just starting (in terms of trading) then the Strategy Markets SWP Portfolio is quite an ideal place to start learning as it is simple to use, compared to other platforms.... Mainly because of the sort of trading it is - automated. Also, it doesn't take up much of your time due to it's nature, so is good when you have a full time job!!

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    Yeah they are pretty ok. I probably wouldn't recommend it to a professional trader, as it doesn't offer give you all the flexibility you might want, but like he^^ said, it's a good place to start for novices and does provide a nice few quid for the expense of your spare time.

    I have been seeing returns of 2-4% using the swp, every month during the time I've been using it. It does what it says on the tin.

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    Did it take you guys long before you started seeing a profit? How long did it take to get back your investment?

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    The time it takes to start making a profit depends on how you look at it, really. I started 'making money' pretty much right away, but it takes a little while before it surpasses your initial investment.

    You can start trading with fake money, though, which will delay you a bit but it's probably a good idea, just to get comfy.

    The minimum monthly return is 2%, so let's say that in a bad year you'll make 24% profit. With this knowledge, you can guesstimate how long it'll take you. If you were to have 4 bad years in a row, it'll take you just over 4 years to break even. Then the magic begins.

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    I'm not yet using the Strategy Markets SWP Portfolio, but am thinking about it. I've been trading as a hobby for a few years and fancy something new. I don't really understand the benefits of automated vs manual trading though...seems to be the new buzz/craze.

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    I've used automated trading systems before. I'd say that they are pretty much exactly the same as a normal system, but just save you time on day-to-day tasks. Depending on the exact system, it could do some things automatically or it may do everything automatically. I don't have any experience with the platform in OP's question, though I have heard good things about their low commissions so may look into one day.

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    Hi guys, I thought i'd let you know that I decided to go for it and make a small investment with them. I only went through with it a this week so no real opinions yet but will post back here later. The software looks pretty though, very techy

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    Hi i've just received a call from strategy markets too. I'm an amateur trader (well, never done it before) and I really want to give it a go too. what's the difference - advantages - of trading vs other forms of investment? I've been developing properties for around decade, and am getting bored, but also don't want to fix what ain't broken and risk getting in way over my head.

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    Well the overheads are little to none, especially compared to property development. I don't think there are any clear advantages of trading in markets, compared to other forms of investment in general. If there is one advantage, it'll be that trading allows you to invest smaller amounts at a time and has much quicker results.

    I've been using that particular system for a some time. You don't have quite as much control as you would in manual trading, but it only trades 8-12 times per month and never exposes more than 5% of your capital.

    With property in particular though, I'd prefer trading any day (no offense). I used to be in property development myself. I found it too hard to make money, especially with the latest new tax laws.

    Another common misconception is that ISA's are a good idea. No way!

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